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Default Maintenance of Small Arms

Seems folks are looking for a way to be coached in Weapons Maintenance..

In 1956 I joined the UNITED STATES NAVY. As time passed, I was tasked more and more with Weapons training, weapons use and weapons overhauling. From replacing a firing pin, to replacing MATCH barrels on Garand Rifles. Don McCoy was my boss....I shot on NAVY and MARINE SERVICE RIFLE TEAMS with the 16, the M1, the M21/M14...and my favorite, the M60.
Over the years, there was NO issued weapon that I could not put to use, repair, or totally rebuild to NEW condition. The Garand and M14 Rifles, I can re-barrel in about 20 minutes.. Total refinishing with the proper parkerizing that I learned at ANNISTON Rebuild Facility in the early 70's. The 1911 family of weapons are so easy for me to repair, they are actually boring. I was also an Armorer for the U.S. ARMY...A STATE CHAMPION , SERVICE RIFLE..M14 ..and was a NAVY Champ with my buddy Mike Gorchinski..NAVY..M1 Garand...McCoy Rifle.
If..anyone needs advice, has a question about any of our GI Weapons...feel free to contact me....if...I have time, I will look here now and then...but..I am restoring 2 classic 1950's Ford's...and helping out with DAV..... would be best to email me.
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