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Originally Posted by TLB View Post
Iím going toward the end of the year. Do they send out a follow up closer to the class date with report time, bldg location and any other pertinent details?
I just finished the class today, and yes they will send you the info ahead of time with times and locations. I had a blast, the guys there are first class. I feel that this class has something for everyone, there were guys with little to no experience along with people with significantly more experience and to the instructors credit I feel that they capably handled everyone. Seeing a behinds the scene look at operations there really gives you an idea of the scope of what CMP does, itís quite impressive. The last day at Talledega was a blast, literally. I work daily in a gun store with an indoor range, but this place is pretty amazing, first class and high tech. Overall, I really recommend it for anyone that wants to learn more about the Garand.

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