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I will reiterate and say I'm not faulting anyone for using any particular powder. Hey, whatever trips your trigger.

I've done some research the last day or two. One post that came up with my online search was by ceresco in 2013 on this site. Here's a clip from your post....
"I had a conversation with the company rep and did some testing. Bottom line is VarGet is not good in reduced loads (according to the rep). I was using 50grs with 110gr bullets--no crimp. Rep said "no good--use at least 55grs"

Now I'm not picking on you in any way. Just picking the subject. It's how I learn things.

Something isn't adding up in my head. In that post you state the rep said (paraphrasing) 50 gr was not enough, 55 was more efficient. I looked in the 5th edition Sierra manual. The starting charge for their 110's is 50.6 gr..... Max is 55.4. And of the 16 powders listed, the "accuracy" load was 53.8gr Varget. (On the other hand, Hodgdon shows a STARTING load at 55gr with a 110gr Hornady.)

Ok... that was in standard conditions, with Sierra's bullets, out of a Savage 116. I have never heard mention of Varget being hard to ignite when starting at minimum load listed, by any professional reloading source. Would like to see a picture of the plasticized Varget. I've never seen it before.

Again not picking on anyone, just trying to make sense of it all. I guess it could be said to not use lite charges of Varget with light bullets. Develop loads with magnum primers when shooting in extreme cold. And don't use a slow burn powder when a slightly faster one would be a better choice. Hunting loads shouldn't be a problem since we are loading heavier bullets for energy and knock down power anyway.

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