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Originally Posted by JetFuelBurner View Post
Thanks so much to the CMP for the traveling Small Arms Firing School AMS Leg match. The instruction was fantastic. We had 75 shooters and perfect weather. There were 6-7 kids who also attended. I think the 11-12 year old young lady squaded next to me smoked me! She had great form. CMP provides the Rock River DCM rifles, the Ammo and the digital scoring system. Man is that system cool!! Everyone was just great. It was well worth the price and Id do it again in a heartbeat! Great job!!!!
Have to TOTALLY agree with the above statements. Although it ended up being a L O N G day (to get all 6 relays done) it made for an interesting match. The outcome (for me) made me decide to 'upgrade' my AR.....loved the 2 stage trigger. All in all it was a well worthwhile day.
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