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Originally Posted by milprileb View Post many time does a guy have to day:

I have made it abundantly clear, even to the most casual observer, that other powders can bring in long range accuracy.

That is the truth but it sure looks like the truth is unwelcomed in a very very opinionated group here.

I'll just toss this out to you Varget Groupies: Mk 316 Mod "O" load developed by Crane for 762 semi auto sniper rifles is : 175 SMK pushed by 41.745 gr of IMR 4064 powder and its bloody accurate at 1000 yds. Not Varget but old fashioned old school IMR 4064. Now..I don't know why Varget was not selected and I know I have a great Varget load for 175's that holds at 1000 as well.

I'll close out by merely saying I've stated facts. I don't have a opinion on "Best" as I have loads in many powders that hold at 1000 yds. I do have a opinion on CFE 223 stinks for anything but 556 to 600 yds.
Im curious is that canister grade IMR 4064 or bulk?
Also now that IMR4064 is made in Switzerland is it going to be as good.
Im not a huge fan of the government making the best stuff because far to often they make stuff just good enough with what they have and what the end use is.
In the end your correct, people should use what they feel works for them. Im not partial to anyone powder.
After all im chasing a 3min 10 ring . So for me its whats on sale in the quantity I can afford.
So H4895 veritile and can be reduced for cast loads,Varget- I do like varget for its large range of coverage for a large range of bullet weights. In my limited testing I found Varget does not do well below mid range load data.
8208 - bought this when powder was a bit scarce. Its ok , i have regulated it to my 200 yard practice ammo. H335 and BLC2 also.
Then there is the surplus 844 powder. i use this with the bulk Hornady 55gn 224 bullets. Fun plinker and good practice round.

Did crane choose 4064 after testing several powders or was it told to use 4064 because those contracted to assemble the end result have boat tons of 4064 in house?

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