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Eddie, the best NOS GI web slings I ever found were from Collectors Source, I bought 4 from Jeff about 6 years ago. All are marked MRT May 1952. The fabric is the very thick, tight weaved canvas, and they are very solid for position shooting with a .30. I took 1 to use as a shooter so I don't always have to use a leather sling, and I shoot just as well with that web sling. They were not cheap at the time, iircc, $35 + shipping, but they are worth every penny when compared to the thin/anemic $10 Chinese repro web sling that everyone has today. You could pm Jeff on the forum and see if there's a chance he has 1 left today. I just bought a mint NOS 1945 marked WWII web sling from him for my 3 45 SA. If you need his forum name send me a pm.
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