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I could not get the jam nut off the float tube. The one hole in the jam nut is only 3/16 in diameter and only 1/16" deep. I have a bunch of spanner wrenches, but the ones that would fit where to flimsy. I tried padding vise grips with alum and heating till the lock tight smoked, but the nut would not budge. I ended up using two 2x4's and dowels (M4carbine forum see pic). I thought it would remove the tube even if it destroyed it. Well the tube even though its thin, its very tough. The tube did not come off the nut, but the barrel nut did loosen. I plan on using the Bison Armory shims. The barrel nut rotates 50 degrees to far (3 re-torques). I calculated with a 16 pitch thread I need .008 to .010 to get it close. I will post results when the shims arrive.

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