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Originally Posted by lapriester View Post
"as pretty much all commercial ammo is.

To the poster saying they were ejecting to 12 o'clock.... that's pretty much where they are supposed to go with a stock screw."

Boy, not one single statement above is true. No Garand expert here for sure. Know your facts before making blanket irresponsible statements like those.

The Remingtons are marginally fine but may eventually affect the longetivity of your rifle with extended use. The powder used is slower than recommended for Garand use. An equivalent to IMR/H4350.

Note: Velocity has nothing to do with whether ammo is or is not appropriate. Powder burn rate and the pressure pulse produced to the unregulated gas system does.
I'll agree to disagree...12 o'clock around 2 o'clock or so is where ejected cases should go..

Remington 150s pretty much are an identical pressure curve of M2 ball.... if its using us that data.
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