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Assemble the forward barrel mounting block to the barrel and check it;s alignment. Once you're satisfied that it is clearing the front of the stock when you insert the barreled action in the stock and the front of the slide is not striking it then tighten it down. With action removed from stock insert the upper hand guard and leave the nut and with washer on the barrel mounting block loose. Once this done start tapping the rear long part of the mount with dovetail into the dove tail of the rear sight. from right to left with bore facing away from you. Tap the dovetail over until it is centered inside the rear sight dovetail. As you're doing this insure that the front of the mount is started on the threaded section protruding thru the slotted front handguard. Once you are satisfied that the dovetail portion is equally spaced in the rear dovetail insert the little threaded shims and tighten them followed by the little jam nuts. You can tight the threaded shims by inserting a screw driver into the slot on either side of them. They don't have to be crazy tight. Install the washer and nut on the threaded bolt protruding out of the front hand guard and tighten it. Install the front ring in the dovetail on the mount and insure it's lined up with the axis of the barrel. Leave the ring screws loose and insert your scope thru i. Remove the rear eyepiece from your scope and insert the rear rings on the scope provided you are using the horizontal split rings. Skip this step if you are using standard split rings and just insert the rear split rings and align scope as far forward as you can for eye relief and align crosshairs. Tighten the rings and go sight it in.
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