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Originally Posted by mac1911 View Post
Hey Mac,
I'm not exactly sure what to tell you on the butt plate. My argument would be that the M14/M1A is not a 9 pound rifle. Yes, the program for the M14 was called (light rifle program) but, in my opinion & reading that kind of lost its way over the years of development.

My standard Springfield Inc. M1A GI parts & Winny barrel from 1991 with a thin early type GI walnut stock is 9.6 pounds no mag, no sling. Over the fall winter of 2018 I had a JRA/Bula receiver put together with an all GI parts kit, standard Criterion barrel and GI fiberglass stock and that comes in at 9.1 pounds.

Let me say I was rather displeased with the change to the weight in the MM B class as I had specked out both my rifles to be under 10 pounds not 9 an was looking forward to using my new JRA M14 this season and adhering to the rules in the spirit of the games. That seems to be all out the window now because I refuse to make any further modification to a rifle that I have already spent well over $1500 procuring parts and labor to assemble.

I will "run what a brung" as they say to Butner and Vermont. If they choose to put me in MM unlimited for 1.oz or put me out of competition for over weight then so be it.

As you say "fun stuff" It ought to be very interesting at the inspection tables this year !

David H.
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