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Originally Posted by jsudduth View Post
The unlimited class is usually the catch all for anything that falls outside the “as issued” confines. However, I’ve never seen anything that heavily modified. I would run that by the CMP competition folks for a ruling since it is such a drastic mod.

Modern Military Class A and Class B are not "As Issued" rifles

rule 5.2.3 and 5.2.4 < going on memory so might be a bit off.

If you read the rules for "class B" it has to make weight, trigger pull and Iron sights....SO one could argue that a thumb hole , pistol grip, chasis system stock on a M1a that makes weight is good to go.

oh wait though theres the " intent and spirit" thing they will toss around sometimes.To try and make the rules do something ? Will they toss a AK 47 platform based design to unlimitted because it has its "from the factory" thumb hole stock" or maybe one with the "AR 15 style stock kit"

Have fun with these new rules, I made 2 rifles to comply---well I think I did IF I happen to make it to VT games this year.

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