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Originally Posted by BQ97 View Post
Your comment about the M1 Carbine being developed for non-frontline troops is incorrect.

You might want to take out the rapid fire segment before soneone, i.e. BATF, thinks your M1 fires more than one round with each trigger pull.
As a little support for this info...
I just finished reading "Combat Jump" by Ed Ruggero about the first U.S. paratrooper assault in W.W. II. It was on the island of Sicily. The majority of the troopers were equipped with .30 Cal. Carbines. According to the author they were prone to jamming and the troopers didn't much care for them. Any dead soldier who had an M-1 made an additional contribution beyond his life...his weapon too.
The nature of the "jamming" was never discussed in the book. But if I had to guess I'd bet it was stove pipping of the expended cases.
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