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What is a "bubba" Remington 1903? That is a very common and typical sporterized 1903 probably done in the 50's like hundreds of thousands were done after the war. Maybe more than that. I have two beautiful examples that my Father and Grandfather had made by a very good Gunsmith in the mid 1950's. One is a Remingtom M1903 and the other is a Springfield HN M1903. One is scoped with a Leupold 1 minute dot/fine crosshair 4X scope on it and the other has a Redfield, at the time high end, peep sight on it. They have high end Bishop stocks on them. I would estimate that each one has probably taken 100 deer or more over the years and both are excellent hunting rifles.

"Bubba" is when you saw the barrel off, cut down the military stock and paint the rifle with flat black. Sporterized military rifles are nothing more than rifles converted to civilian hunting or target use much the same as an AR-15 or any past military rifle ever converted. Would you call a Remington R-15 or R-25 a bubba version of an M-16?

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