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I'm glad you posted this. I had been wondering about the Hornady match out to 1000, but never thought about it when I was at my computer.

Here is a link that gives you the basic info out to 1000.

I shot this ammo at the eastern games and I'm very pleased with it's performance. It's very accurate and very repeatable. You can get it from the CMP store, Midway and Cheaper Than Dirt.

According to their lit. The round is still supersonic at 1000 and shows 336.9" of drop between a 200 yard zero and 100. That's a ~34 click correction. If you are holding six o'clock at 200 on an SR at 10 ring POI (assuming the bottom of the ring) Then you are about 3 clicks high for POA=POI. I would factor that into my comeups and shoot POA to center of target at 1000 and see where you are on the paper. If your POI=POA there you can correct back to a 6 o'clock hold with 2 more clicks up (20" on a 44" bull at 1000) and hold the bottom of the black.

HTH and good luck with your shoot!
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