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I won't have access to a range before the match except for a 100 yd range and I think what you are telling me is I am wasting my time thinking I can factor X amount of clicks on data for 100 and be printing on target at 1000 and I also take it that since I had intended to shoot LC 69 ball, that I got more problems entering this since I don't have a mega powered custom load developed for 1000 yds.

I sure would like to shoot 1000 but I am being swayed now to back down and work up to this longer range after more range time. I don't want to go
out there and not have a chance of hitting paper and just fly rounds thru the
airspace over Quantico for nor results. I am good with marginal performance as this is not a NM Garand nor shooting match grade ammo , but I am not keen on shooting and having blank results.

I may be leaping ahead of myself trying to get into this 1000 yd match opportunity next week.
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