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I would just go and shoot. How else are you going to get the experience? It will be more challenging with LC69 ball than a more consistent load but why wait?
I have never shot at 1000 but I have shot at 600 XTC alot. I used the Ballistics calculator and was in the black on my first shot.
I have never chronoed lc69 but I have HXP and it all runs around 2700fps.
Plug it in to the calculator and see how many clicks up you are if not on paper I bet you are close.
Good luck

Edit: I ran the calcs at 150 gr hornady FMJBT at 2700fps. It says 40.3 moa drop but it is also dropping below super sonic at 1000yds. Come up 40-41 clicks and see what happens. Most folks will shoot a heavier bullet than 150 grs. at long range it will stay super sonic longer.

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