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A lot of people in the XTC game never pull targets in the pits until they get to a full course event like EIC leg matches, Eastern Games, or Nationals. It only takes one day in the pits to see that some are more prepared, and comfortable while they are down there. The goal is to be prepared and comfortable while enduring the work. I have to admit that I am often less fortified than most who have bag lunches, nabs, "standups", and Gatorade in the pits. Having a pit bag with a smorgasbord of pougey bait, safety glasses, extra hearing protection, a length of rope or strap to aid in pulling the frame, and a chair can make the experience a lot more pleasurable. I am often amazed at what people bring to the pits. The type of personality that makes lists of items they may possibly need like a mini camping trip far from civilization, and the minimalist are the two extremes. My attempt at trying to be like the others led me to getting a Camel Back knock-off from a gun show. These back packs entered military service long after I was gone, replacing the canteen and cup from days gone by. They hold more water than you care to drink in half a day, and keep it cool too.
It's like a man purse with a straw. Every trip to the pits gives you an idea of something you wish you had thought of. When you see what others have pulled out when the range is shut down because of a boat in the impact area, you get a little jealous saying to yourself "Man those standups sure look good".
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