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Originally Posted by mr.tickle View Post
How much of a detriment am I in if have a USGI web sling? I had gotten it because of cost but would eventually like to save up for 1907 sling.
If you are fortunate enough someday to be in one of Mr. Gary Anderson's CMP/GSM clinics, he will be instructing you on how to use the GI web sling, not the 1907 leather sling. Nothing wrong with a web sling, especially when starting out, they're easy to get in and out of and adjust, and they do the job of helping support the rifle with your bones just fine. I used a NOS 1950's USGI web sling the first couple of years when I began shooting in Garand matches. Today I do prefer a Ron Brown leather sling, but I'd still use a web sling if need be, or to mix things up a bit!
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