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Default Youth Competition Help

Ok Iím hoping someone can save me some time researching this info. I purchased one of the 853ís at the North Store a week or so ago. Of course the purchase intent was purely for me and my son to use. Heís also in scouts and I was telling one of the other scout dads that it would be ďNeatĒ to create a shooting team made up of troop members.
In a matter of mins, I had a place to setup an indoor range, some funding assistance, and a couple of adult volunteers.
Until last weekend I had never competed in any formal shooting events. So Iím not sure where to start to get a competitive team going. I know opportunities like this donít come often, so I want to maximize what we have going and have all the needed info before our meeting on Tuesday.

I think we want to center this around the Daisy 853ís. As they are relatively inexpensive and will provide a good starting point.

So hereís just a few questions:

A) How are the age groups broken out? Scouts is 12 Ė 18 Plus adult member might want to get into this game
B) What is the ďsanctioning body CMP? NRA , Both?
C) Indoor Range design info? Benches? Backstop, Traps etc?
D) Equipment list: Rifles, tools , shooting clothes? Is there a rimfire sporter equivalent in the air rifle leagues?
E) Where are the competitions?
F) Anyone live in the Indianapolis area that could help us get started?

This may end up being a new team with members that just happen to be scouts. Thatís a whole other issue that Iíll check out with the Scouts. And we all agree that would be ok as well.

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