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You already have a number of good replies to your inquiry. I know two of the previous posters...Al in MN and tjtorborg and both are good people. Al informed me of the monthly 100 yd. Garand matches held at Oakdale Gun Club when I met him and I have known Tom(aka tjtorborg) for a bunch of years. I have shot the Garand matches held at Harris, MN for a number of years and Tom is very involved in the organization of their high power matches on an ongoing basis. Those matches are laid back and shooter friendly matches. Go to the MRRA website or the Gopher Rifle Club website and check for dates of matches. There will be shooters there who will be more than happy to interact with you and loan or share equipment as needed. If you want to move forward this summer please post here and I will provide you with personal contact information that will enable you to meet with other shooters - myself in particular - and we will do our best to assist you in a positive introduction to a great activity.

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