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I love the history of WW2, I regret not talking to my grandfather more about his time in the pacific. The idea of getting a gun that he would have used, and owning a jeep he may have driven is just wonderful. Many folks want me to paint and restore the jeep. I also read about folks who want nice clean stocks, and perfect finishes. I'll take the old beat up rifle any day, and I'll keep my scratched/faded jeep the way it was. My grandfather died with shrapnel scars on hs face and hands and never fixed em, why should I do any different with my equipment....all battle scars.

My only request on the rifle is that it shoot straight and be safe.

I do wish they get some carbines in soon. My 72yr old dad has wanted one for years but never could get one. I hope he'll enjoy shooting the Garand.
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