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Default Correct Scabbards for Bayos?

To quote from Joe Poyer's "The Model 1903 Springfield Rifle" book "their were a positively confusing number of revisions" when referring to Scabbards. Based on this book alone, the M1905 Scabbard had 2 types with 3 variations each. The M1910 Scabbard that 7.62x51mm is showing has 8 variations. The M1917 4 variations. These three Scabbard models are typically associated with the earlier Type 1 M1905 Bayonets of similar 1906-1918 dates. They would compliment any early M1903 Rifles.

This RIA M1905 matched pair Bayo and type 2 Scabbard dated 1906 has made someone very happy and me outbid. The Bayo is unique in that RIA's are correctly without serial number only in 1906. A perfect setup for an early 03 Rifle no doubt, just not for mine -

The Type 2 M1905 Bayo was manufactured in 1942-1943 along with the M3 Scabbard. I believe that this indicates a manufactured pairing correct for the 03-A3 Rifle to the point of having this setup on my own M1903-A3. An all correct 1943 Remington that was until recently wrapped in cosmoline since 1962 per the Letterkenny Ordnance Depot transfer and NRA invoice. Some things deserve a little more attention to details. Of course from a military perspective, I imagine they got what was issued and could care less if they were correctly paired by manufacture dates. Just make sure they were serviceable and sharp!

If you can believe everything you read then this book and the earlier posted article link (last page chart) seem to provide a pretty good picture of what was period approved if not correct. Who knew there was so much history just in the Bayo and Scabbard world?? Fun to dig into and discuss with others of likemind. Enjoy!
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