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Default WTT Winchester and Remington Model of 1917 parts

Hello everyone,

I have a blued mix master m1917 that I got from a friend. The receiver is Eddystone as well as many of the other parts. The Bolt is a Winchester as is the extractor. The firing pin is a Remington. There is a very nicely blued bolt sleeve with no marking I can see. The bolt has been with the rifle since WWII I would guess as it is serialed to the rifle(which I understand the Canadians did after checking headspace. I would normally be happy to keep the bolt with the rifle but I had a round at the range the other day that jammed the action badly. We checked the headspace and it failed both the Clymer no go and field. A friends bolt did pass the field. I purchased a new old stock Eddystone bolt from ebay and it failed both(I purchased my own set...checking all the old rifles now!) I would like to try to get the rifle into headspace so I thought I might as well try to get an Eddystone bolt. I would be willing to trade the Winchester and Remington parts for Eddystone ones and hope to get one that at least passes the field gauge. I have not taken the rifle completely apart but if I get an Eddystone bolt that works I am sure there are other non Eddystone parts I would trade. For example the stock is a Winchester but I want to get it shooting again before I go and try to get all Eddystone parts. The Winchester bolt has most the bluing worn off, the Winchester extractor has good bluing, the Remington firing pin has no bluing. Bolt sleeve is perfect and a dark blue.

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