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The steel in the 03A3 is much better than the carbon steel used in the M1903’s. The early Remington M1903’s were manufactured using the same NS as late SAS M903’s. It is WD 2340 which was surface hardened to ease the “stickiness” of the SA NS.
Several steels were authorized in 1942 such as AISI 4045. Later steels included AIS No’s 4140, 4150, 8640, 9440 and 9420 as it was available. Steels were in short supply and some were simply not available. Manufacturers had to use special tests to determine characteristics so that proper heat treatment could be used. All were superior to the carbon steel. They were very hard to machine and became the “cross to bear” for gunsmiths converting the 03A3’, to sporting or target rifles.
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