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Default adapt current Savage MK2 magazine to Stevens 416s

Need a magazine for your Stevens 416? Or for any vintage Stevens/Savage .22 bolt action? With the exception of the very early magazines (which feature a knurled knob on the base) the current Savage MK2 magazines can easily be modified to those fine, old rifles.

Left to right- Vintage Savage/Stevens magazine -- current Savage MK2 magazine -- Modified MK2 magazine. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Step1- Top photo, left magazine. Vintage Stevens. The flange protrudes .058" from the body of the magazine.
Top photo center. Current Savage. Flange protrudes .146" from the body of the magazine. Top photo right. Modified Savage. Flange reduced to .058". I used a 12" Bastard file and worked slow and careful. It's soft steel and doesn't take long. Just remember, you can put the steel back once it's off.

Step2- Middle photo, left photo, the current magazine shows a raised rib. This must be ground down as shown in the right hand photo of the modified magazine.

Step3- Bottom photo center magazine. Current Savage. You must cut a knotch at the base of the flange, "v" shaped about .06" deep. You could do this first and I'd cut it a hair or 2 lower than the flange leaving a bit of metal for final fitting.

Step4- Notice that the follower of the Vintage magazine is flat but the Current is not. The steep angle of the plastic follower will present the tip of the bullet to the chamber too high and cause feeding problems. Grind the plastic follower to a flatter profile, a bit at a time until feeding is smooth.

That's it. Savage MK2 Magazines are one of the more reasonable magazines price wise and sure cheaper than vintage magazines.

PS- Here's the old style Savage magazine. If you're looking for these, well, questing is good for the soul.
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