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Default Hi Lux Malcolm 8X issues

I'm kind of fishing for some help here. I purchased a Hi Lux Malcolm 8X for a sniper replica, sent in all my rifle parts to Chuck in Denver, and put the scope on the mounts myself when he sent the rifle back. A retirement and a move stalled my project for about six months, and including Chuck's time, I probably started this a little over a year ago.

After getting it all assembled, it was 3' off at 25 yards and wouldn't sight in. I sent the rifle and scope to Chuck recently, and he found a bend in it. I called Hi Lux and they have offered to sell me another one for $482, which adding in shipping is about $10 or so less than I can buy a new one.

I cannot for the life of me find where I bought this scope at (still working on that), which is Hi Lux's out in covering it in warranty.

Is there anyone out there that is reputable and can fix this issue, or am I stuck with purchasing a new one and watching this one sit on the shelf?
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