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Default Notice to all who bought my CC Newsletter Index.

I have the list of members who bought the first Carbine Club Newsletter Index on CD and the later "improved" PDF form Index.
I announced a while back that the web site was going to be deleted due to the poor sales of both the Carbine Bolt Stop tool and the new version of the Index. It was killed before Xmas 2012.

For those who purchased either the CD version or PDF version I will send you free updated copies of the Index for as long as I can keep updating it. It was updated with the last issue #373. Please just for an update a few times a year.

For everyone else I will e-mail you A free copy if you send your e-mail address. Send your request to

I'd ask for donations but only as a joke. If you couldn't afford $4.95 before you sure as hell can't afford it now. Has the magic word attached now FREE !

OK, if you really want to donate do it at PayPal. Not necessary but some feel they want to do so.

Home of the FREE Carbine Club Newsletter Index
I do NOT have newsletters to sell! ONLY our INDEX of what is in each issue. To get the issues see the link for the Carbine collectors Club.

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