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Originally Posted by broomhandle View Post
Hi lrdg1,

"I'm not sure what you mean by "steel pillar", original GI stocks were all wood"-Quote

Yes the stock is all wood. But there are two steel stamped -tubes- that pass through the wood stock around the stock screws.
Apparently they are there to prevent someone crushing the wood under the receiver / & hand-guard. Both of my 03-A3's have them.
I have been fooling with rifles for 50 years & I'm finding out I just skimmed the surface all this time!

Thanks for your post,
Understand now. On new 1903 military stock sets (like what CMP sells, FYI that wood is soft) I sometimes don't use those tubes, just depends on how things line up. For stocks that I have used them in, I trim the tube back so there's a good squeeze on the wood between the trigger guard and receiver. I think those tubes may crush down somewhat too (the newer thin ones), but if it did not it could cause receiver movement at the rear of the stock (not good). On original GI stocks those tubes are stuck in there pretty good, I just leave them in place. It all depends what you want to do. For CMP games rifle build with a new GI stock set, best fit for ultimate accuracy (within their rules) is goal. It can be a lot of work setting one of these up, especially the first time. Learn by doing, but go slow at first else you'll be buying additional stocks (unless you're bedding of course). Good luck!

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