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If you'll take a tourist on a temp basis, I have been here almost 3 weeks and will be heading home in less than 48 hrs. Last item on my agenda is fly fishing for Bows near Denali. Already shipped over 200 lbs of fish home. The Bows will be catch and release. Today was a rare day, Clear, Sunny, Calm. Flew up to Ruth Glacier this morning took some great pictures.

I have a nasty "But Hickey". For those that don't know, that is a black and blue mark on the hip from reeling in big Halibut.

I saw a rifle range on the way and my wife said no way. I've been shooting high power for 10 years and it was the first time she said no to me shooting at the range. Like a good husband, I said those two famous words: "Yes Dear"
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