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Default Success

Well, it sounds Precision40 / Rex putting this up front with a sticky has saved at least one more forum member from a potential scam. -Thanks Rex.

My 0645hrs phone call when I was driving to work was none other than jhall, kelvin, or someone else calling from his 501 area code / Arkansas phone number.

I Blocked him and have not had my computer hacked yet....or at least not that I am aware of.

And...also a gmail user here....for years. More reliable communications for me.... I can keep all old help me keep track of things...

I agree with other comments here...I look at join date, name, #of posts, to get an initial impression of who I may be dealing with.

By the way....all three scammers contacted me thru the forum PM initially. Not to say that system is flawed or any better than email...just passing along that they hit me up that way as well.

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