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Originally Posted by Submerge View Post
Just received a PM from JHALL about a part I was looking for. He was not the one I contacted. So I'll ignore it.
Originally Posted by 4gun-drill View Post
I recieved a PM from JHALL earlier today. It was for a WTB I posted a month ago.
Are you guys saying you got a PM from a username of "JHALL"?
I checked and find no username for JHALL. Just the previous one of jhall5475, which was banned.

Please post the content of the PM with the header info so we can see the username.

Originally Posted by Topkick View Post
I received one also, I reported it to Big Red.
Originally Posted by 36ID_Redleg View Post
I just received an answer to a WTB from "lazguns101" with a directive to respond to Recommend to Moderator to add lazguns101 to the banned and blocked list.
Got it Tom, and done...lazguns101 is banned.

For everyone,
No need/no use to debate what web-based e-mail these people use/which is more susceptible to scams, etc....they use all of them, and as mentioned earlier by someone, anyone can create an email account with them.

And when a forum account is created here, it's not the email address that is being verified anyway....the email, whatever it is, is just used to send a verification email so the USER can be verified.

Thank you.
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