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Default Aug 3and 4th Visit

I drove from NY to Camp Perry with intentions to go to the North Store upon arrival. Although a little groggy, I arrived sometime about 6am. There were perhaps 4-5 others ahead of me. They were very pleasant to speak with and we enjoyed the conversations until the doors opened at 8:30 am.

I first looked for any O3's there were none on any rack I examined. I wanted another M1D but the ones on the rack were in need of parts and labor that exceeded what I wanted. I knew I could not afford an M1C Service grade but I examined the field grade M1c rack. I examined all the tags and found two that had barrels of # 1 + and the throat of #3. I selected the best stock of the two.
It is very nice and still well preserved. I figured by the time I fixed up the Rack grade M1D Id spend about the same. (I bought a rack grade last year)It actually looks better than the Service Grade I purchased at auction last month.I measured the barrel and it has better numbers than advertised. I found the staff there (Bob) exceptionally helpful as was the big fellow with the beard (sorry cant remember his name). You wont find more helpful folks anywhere. I asked to see some bayonets too. They were very accommodating! Will I go back ? you betcha!
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