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Default How to Create & Post an Album of Pictures from Imgur

Recently went through the steps for someone interested, and figured there may be others who'd like to know to.
It makes it so much easier for the viewer to open 1 link rather than having to open and close multiple individual picture links

Here's how to create an album of pictures on Imgur and then copy the album link so you can post that on the forum and folks can open the album link and scroll through all pictures without have to open and close individual pictures.

Download your pictures to your Imgur account, then,

1) Click on the box near the top that says All Images

2) Clink on + New Albums

3) Add a Title and click Save

4) Next screen shows your album name, and you'll notice it says 0 Images, so now you need to add what images you want in the album.

In Blue, you'll see Add Images, click on that and it will bring up all your available pictures that you can put in the album

5) Click on each picture you want to add to the album, in the order you want the pictures to appear.

When you have all the pictures you want in the album, click Save at the bottom.
You now have a separate album with all the pictures in it.

6) Now click on Edit This Album, then click on Embed This Album

7) Next click the green box that says Share, and finally click on Copy

You now have the album link copied and you can bring it over to the forum and paste it in your thread

Hope this helps!
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