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Originally Posted by jmiles1960 View Post
Newbie question, but here goes: I've got Winchester M1 1,2xx,xxx that's been through the arsenal a few times. Before I put too much $ into restoring it, I wanted to understand the condition of the bore (barrel). It's clean, shiney from what I see with a light, I can see the grooves (rifling), but what does that really tell me? I'm sure there is a correct way to measure and would appreciate advice on how to assess the condition, etc... barrel has "W" stamp on top, so I'm guessing it is original.

I have heard of muzzle wear gauges, etc... but no little about them or sources.

From the last comment "barrel has "W" stamp on top", I'm assuming that the M1 referenced is a M1 Carbine, not a M1 Garand?

If so, the muzzle wear (MW) at the muzzle end can be measured using a caliber .30 muzzle gauge. Some people use a M2 (30-06) bullet, but to me that is too subjective. The MW will give you some idea of how well the rifle might shoot, although it is only one of many factors.

If the weapon is a M1 Garand, then a throat erosion (TE) gauge could be used to get an estimate of how much of the life of the barrel at the chamber end has been fired away. Under TE=5 is, I think, generally considered to be acceptable for a casual shooter.

To the best of my knowledge there is no M1 Carbine TE gauge. If someone knows of one, I'd love to buy one.

A muzzle gauge or a M1 Garand/30-06 bolt gun TE gauge can be purchased from many sources - CMP, Scott Duff, Brownell's, Midway, etc.

Suggestion - go to the CMP estore or Scott Duff's sight and get a book called The M1 Garand: Owner's Guide - Disassembly, assembly, inspection, repair, cleaning, zeroing, and more.

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