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Originally Posted by ceresco View Post
One M1A shooter with a new, standard (walnut) SA M1A was placed in "unlimited" due to weight. I don't think that should have happened. The shooter on his left was shooting mostly Xs with his scoped service rifle.....same class. I shot my "purpose built" 7.5 lb A2 and won the (really) old guy class with an embarrassing 278. Good Shooting. ...
Congrats, a win is a win and 278's a respectable score, especially with iron sights and eyes that are not so young anymore.

That's a real shame that a new standard SA M1A was bounced to UMM. I thought there was a small allowance for SA's because they were coming out of the factory a couple ounces over 9.0 lbs. Guess not.

My A2 free-float abomination makes weight, but I'd much rather shoot my M1A. If both of those get bounced, may as well shoot my scoped service rifle.
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