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Originally Posted by T38Carbine View Post
Just a hunch...but the South Store seems to be putting out new inventory such as Smith-Corona 1903A3. Could a truck be heading North soon??
Well it's been a month since the last truck and it seems that past NS deliveries was about every 6 weeks to 2 months. Based on that, one should be coming soon.
From the current South Store reports it appears their offerings are on the thin side, except for the Specials. With the recent posting of Smith Corona 1903A3's along with a few Garand WRA's it appears they are trying to fill the gap of little available new rifles to restock the store. John Beard recently stated that CMP has altered their past practice of waiting to accumulate a pallet of 90 1903A3 rifles before release to the stores and were putting out the SC's that he just graded a week earlier. With mail order being the priority it leaves little to put in the stores.
Even if a truck should arrive soon, it seems that any new inventory might be on the limited side....
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