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Originally Posted by WindLogik View Post
I don't understand how Varget could be a "niche" powder I just can't see how it is a "niche" powder.
It became a niche powder because it became a brand name on this and other boards as the Be All powder for 30 caliber loads. That drove attention, drove supply down and price up. Go price it ...its always significantly higher now than other powders but its a good powder and if you like it , drive on.

The point of the thread is: Varget is not the Answer. Its one of the Answers and Older Answers really do perform ...they really do.

Obviously Varget is "Your Best Powder". Congrats. Its not mine but its one of many that best perform.

Nothing wrong with Varget but its not always easy to find due to high visibility press on it. I go thru 47 pounds of powder on average each year, I go with performers and don't care if its Varget, IMR's or RL powders, I use them all and find all perform "best" ...far more accurate performance than I can hold at 1000 yds. Varget is great but its not as Wonderful and Perfect as its talked about but its darn good.

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