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Originally Posted by rcolarco View Post
I still have my first loading manual, Lyman #44. Here are the powders listed for 30-06, 165 grain bullets:

IMR 3031
IMR 4895
IMR 4064 (most accurate, 47.5 grains)
IMR 4320
IMR 4350
Ball C2
4831 (H? IMR?)

Couldn't find a copyright date, had to be about 1967. I loaded X-ring ammunition for years out of this manual. As bullets and barrels got better, x-count increased.
as always...sliding back to Garands on the subject...reloading and shooting is more than Garands but old habits die hard ! I love shooting M1's too but I really love shooting 1000 yds with modern rifles that have the legs for that kind of distance...granted some M1 shooters did that in days gone by.
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