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I stopped in at 8:30 before carbine started hoping to get a shot at an 03. Place was full of guys but no bolt guns. Went back on way out at 1:30 and took a closer look. An empty rack labeled: RIA, SA, and Rem 03/03a3 greeted me. A handful of SA field specials were left, as well as the fossilized racks of M1CD’s, M1 drills, IHC fields that have been there since the Paleozoic era, with of course the rack of Win field specials, and a bunch of pellet rifles that have been mentioned.
I asked a John the question he’s probably been asked a hundred times today about possibility more bolt guns being put out and he replied that they are sold out at the NS, and what you see now is probably all that we the public will see for about weeks.
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