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So I actually managed to go to the range! Shot My first reloads out of My 1903a3 and they're really cool. Not as much recoil as the HXP delinked machine gun ammo We all know and love. 45gr varget, 150fmj slug, was what I was shooting, which I had figured would be fine for the M1. Now, to actually shoot some for accuracy and out of an M1.

I'm starting in on about a 1000 pieces of 30 carbine next. Have put a few thru the LEE three die set's Full Length Sizing die which really stretches them. I get the feeling these will be alot easier to reload than the 308/30-06 stuff. I have about 1000 pieces of 38 special on deck which I am guessing is alot easier than 30 carbine to reload. I'd like to get a Henry lever action in 38/357 once they release it with the slide gate and tube magazine like they're doing with the 30-30.

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