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Default SS report 23 Oct.

Hey everyone! Not sure how I feel about this new forum yet. I guess I will get used to it...anyway. Was in Atlanta for business and decided to drive over to the store to check out the BRs. On previous advice, stopped by Lamar's and grabbed some donuts for the crew. Needless to say...I was WELL received! I must say that even though most people previously spoke of gloom and doom there, I did indeed find just what I was after. A nice SA 1.5mil receiver that is actually in fantastic shape. I decided to make it twins and grabbed a 3.6mil SA that was in equally good shape. The barrels were correct, however at $125 for the BR these barrels are toast. So I grabbed the new Criterions to slap on them. Grabbed two more 240rnd cans of Greek and paid my $$$. While waiting I did gauge all the $20 yellow dot barrels. Found two that were TE2.5 - 3.0 but ME on both were around 2.5. Hey what do you expect for $20. Perused the racks and actually found a few "keepers" left. One that stood out was an HRA with HRA bolt, barrel, op rod, and proof marked wood, Had I had more cash on me that one probably would have followed me home. I guess overall, if you are a collector or semi-collector, the days of the TE2.0 ME1.0 FG's and SG's are gone for now understandably a visit for you might seem rather disappointing. I think for the new enthusiast though, there are still plenty of decent rifles left to take home. Just my $.02 on the matter. Well, a BIG thanks to the staff that was working today for all the southern hospitality! Hmmm...maybe it was just the donuts!

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