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Originally Posted by ma96782 View Post
I was interested too........

Taken from:

Anyway......since Oct 2003 IMR was bought out by Hodgdon. So, perhaps it's only a matter of time before IMR and H powders are in fact the exact same powder? Maybe?

Aloha, Mark
Actually, IMR wasn't bought by Hodgdon, Hodgdon simply bought the rights to sell/distribute it. IMR4831 is made by a powder company in Canada which I believe still owns the IMR brand name, and H4831 is made by a powder company in Australia which ships it's powder over here and Hodgdon packages it with the Hodgdon brand name. Two different formulations by two different powder factories. As long as both sell well, Hodgdon will sell them both. If one doesn't sell as well as the other, then they will drop the poor selling one, just like they dropped the H4227 powder from Australia, and the 4831 powder will be the formulation as used by whatever powder factory provides it.

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