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Hodgdon Powder Company purchased IMR® Powder Company in October 2003. Hodgdon Powder Company offices are located at 6231 Robinson in Overland Park, Kansas. IMR powders continue to be manufactured to the same exacting performance criteria and quality assurance standards that shooters have come to expect.
That quote was taken from the IMR web site.

Aloha, Mark

PS.........It was Winchester Ammunition that had a "lic. agreement" with Hodgdon.

In March 2006, Hodgdon® Powder Company and Winchester Ammunition announced that Winchester branded reloading powders would be licensed to Hodgdon. Winchester Smokeless Propellants, the choice of loading professionals, are available to the handloader to duplicate the factory performance of loads from handgun to rifle and shotgun.
That was taken from the Winchester web site.

But, no doubt that the actual manufacturing site for the various Hodgdon powders may vary (if not change or has changed, over time). Remember when Hodgdon had (some of) their powders imported from Scotland?


Hodgdon Powder Company offices are located at 6231 Robinson in Overland Park, Kansas (even though the mailing address is Shawnee Mission, the destination of the central post office). The Powder magazine, packaging and manufacturing facilities are maintained about 140 miles southwest of the main office, in Herington, Kansas. Additional magazine space, located on a closed military base, is also leased from the City of Topeka, Kansas.
That was taken off of Hodgdon's web site.

So anyway, I don't really know if all, some, or if any...........of Hodgdon's powders are actually manufactured at Herington, KS. Note that: HP38 is suppose to be the same powder as W231 (only in a different package) and it's made by Olin. I figure, the company (Hodgdon) just probably goes where the deals are to be had (at the right price). If you know what I mean?

If the H4831 is currently made in Australia........good. Hodgdon probably got it at a good price.

And, things may change.

BTW...........the web sites of Hodgdon, Winchester and IMR have the same look to it.


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