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Originally Posted by hammonje View Post
They have HRA SGs. Call the SS and talk to Leon when the NMs are over. Look up CMP week. Figure they'll be back the week after it is over. Simple enough. Not may are going because of the holiday and poor inventory.
I have not heard of CMP week... do the National matches last well into August? I have not researched it enough to know when they end.

Originally Posted by USMC-Nav View Post
I stopped by on the 30th of June. Lots of SG HRA several in nice usgi stocks. A few SG SA with nice stocks. Lots of M1c and M1d both service and rack. A few krags in decent shape, almost bought one that was in good shape but missing front sight. Kicking myself now for not buying it. Several nice barreled receivers that looked great. Slings, ammo, m14, 03 stocks and ammo.
Glad I went as I enjoy digging through the racks and meeting the others.
Thank you! thank you! Exactly what I was hoping to hear... although it would seem that I will not be going this weekend, next weekend is looking promising.
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