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Default Hi, New member from VA/CO, ordering questions

Hello, I'm a new member (another Eddie) who grew up shooting on the Ft Belvoir VA indoor range, and currently live in CO.

I'm a USN (NAVAIR) vet, which wasn't a weapons-heavy experience, but both my grandad (WW1) and dad (WW2) were US Army combat vets in interesting units, which sparked a life-long interest in 20th century military weapons.

They were Eddies, too (Sr. and Jr.)--- I'm the 3rd. My kids are grown, and I've decided to start collecting and shooting some of the historical rifles they used and loved. They were the Springfield '03 (both,) M1917, M-1 Garand, and M-1 carbine. I've been hanging out on the forum to listen and learn, and will probably start with a CMP Garand or one M-1 Carbines on the forum.

Several ordering questions---I apologize if these have been answered elsewhere
1) I applied for a C&R this week but it may not arrive for a while---do CMP rifles need to be shipped to an FFL if you don't have a C&R?
2) Can you submit a GCA application and dues check with your order?
3) Can a local person (my Alabama brother-in-law) hand choose a rifle for
my soon-to-be-placed order?

Thanks! Great forum, by the way...
USN VP-9 1976-1979
M-1 Carbine Quality HMC 4833XXX
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