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Originally Posted by SuperSquelch View Post
I guess I can settle for a FG. I really wanted a nice rifle, but I also know that I won't have an opportunity to visit the store so I have to trust someone else to pick it out, and Magna is heading there next week. A friend of mine told me not to get a FG, but if that's all that's there, then I don't have a choice except to wait until next time Magna heads to the South Store. And even then, there's no guarantee that the exact same thing won't happen, with only a bunch of FGs left in the store when he gets there.

I wish I was stationed somewhere in Alabama or Ohio!

There really nothing wrong with a Field Grade if picking one at the store, one of my best shooting rifles I hand picked at the North Store it was a WW2 SA 3.2 million SN nice finish with a NM match barrel plus a SA/GAW stock I was very happy with my pick that day.

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