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Default Data Books

All, I am selling data books for various courses of fire. I am primarily a highpower shooter and developed my data book because I was not happy with the current offerings for various reasons.

Here are the courses of fire I offer as of now (am open to other ideas - games matches, etc. PM me):

-Highpower across the course (traditional single target plot for slow fire or double target plots for slow fire - no one else offers this).
-Midrange (300, 500, 600)
-Midrange 3x600 (all 600 plots)
-Long Range (1,000 plots)
-Palma (800, 900, 1,000 plots)

Here is a general description of what is in each book:

Range data
Load data, zeros and gun settings
Larger X and 10 rings on all targets
Zero tracking pages and notes pages
The book is set by stage and each stage is a different color (32 800 aggs per book) of 24lb paper to be a little more durable and limit bleed through
Laser printed - printing does not bleed/fade if it gets wet
Fits in the Creedmoor Pouches (5 1/2" x 8")

$15/book +$3 shipping for up to 3 books. Orders of more than 3 books, shipping is on me.

I am set up on Google Pay and PayPal, checks are welcome as well

Email me at Browning Precision at gmail dot com

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