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Originally Posted by col b View Post
Went with my neighbor to the South Store to pick up a drill for a BM59 project. Got it home and took it apart to find that someone had attempted to grind the barrel from the receiver with a disk grinder without removing the gas port or handguards. OK, not a real big deal, then noticed a burn inside the receiver and it had obviously had a weld in the oprod channel, which would have been a no go for me, as it will never park correctly. So, bottom line. Wasted $400 on a drill that had been returned very damaged to the CMP. Didn't realize that could happen and CMP would just put it in the rack without inspection. So, the serial number is SA 3565635. So, you know who you are, and now so does the CMP. Inspect you drill rifles very carefully prior to walking out the door.....don't assume that the CMP has.
This is 100% on you. A drill rifle is never meant to be reactivated. No reason for them to inspect it. You complaining about it is a complete facepalm moment.
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