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Default Not all drill rifles are created equal as you have learned

It is easy to get surprised by the "drilling" methods used on these without almost complete disassembly on some.
I know because I was also surprised once when the op-rod (which had been good on previous purchased) had a cut all the way through the piston. Extra money has to be spent to bring it back, which was unexpected.
I purchased one that had a clean op-rod track and no sign of overheating on the receiver front only to find that they had taken a torch and cut through the bottom of the receiver and into the bottom of the barrel all the way out to where the barrel reduces in diameter. That was rude where I was expecting to just have the barrel tacked to the receiver. I learned I should have removed the rifle from the stock (which was a really nice GAW stockset and the real reason for the purchase).

Careful inspection can yield a receiver that has not been impacted much at all.
My last purchase I did to get a receiver for an M1D Tanker in 7.62X51 that I was building. I was lucky to find an SA receiver in 700K with original finish and a clean op-rod track. No weld in the breech as it had a rod pushed into the barrel and was welded thru a hole far away from the receiver. The weld from the barrel to the receiver was so slight that it broke free with a wrench and the weld stayed with the barrel. I have no problem using that receiver at all and have enjoyed that new toy for a couple years now.

With my previous experiences I learned that inspection is probably the biggest key to finding a worthy contributor for parts.
A hard lesson, but one that is hard to forget.

I have found that the selection of drill rifles at the new store is generally ranked in the very poor range and not at all like the drills from the old store for quality or condition.

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