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Originally Posted by redneckgunman View Post
I agree, to buy one with the sole purpose of reactivating, no, it is not worth the money or time spent. However I did buy one once that had two very valuable parts. A great GAW stock and an unmodified WIN-13 Op-Rod. After I stripped all the parts off the rifle, I had a receiver with a tiny weld with no heat discoloration at the barrel and an un-welded op rod track. This became a project to reactivate just because I could and the part was sitting there. In this particular scenario, the juice was worth the squeeze.
+1 to the above.
Back when the CMP was selling Mk2Mod1 barreled receivers it was possible to purchase Drill rifles as a source of many good parts.
The only way it was really worth it though, is if the Drill Rifle had nice wood, and some did. I got a GAW stockset on one that I still have it was so nice.
One of the Drill rifles I purchased I mentioned earlier in this thread had such minor welding at the barrel/receiver junction, and no sign of heat on the receiver ring and no weld in the op-rod channel that I have no problem using the original finish receiver on a project for my use.
Below is a 7.62X51 M1D Tanker that I could just not resist putting together. Some day I might break it back down but for now I take it deer hunting on occasion.
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